We are the most effective Franchise Magazine in the US because:  the Metropolitan Washington DC area is the most vibrant, fastest growing, and one of the wealthiest and recession proof regions in the country. This is the perfect place to have your franchise; investors want to be here. This is the only printed magazine distributed to the core investor group in the DC area. The electronic version will be distributed nationwide and internationally.


The franchising industry produces $710 billion in total economic output, with 750,000 establishments. One new franchise business is opened every 8 minutes of every business day. One out of every 12 businesses is a franchised business.


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Greater Distribution Print + Digital. We carefully plan the distribution location so you can get the maximum benefit. Our printed magazine and digital version are both FREE.

Our magazine goes directly into the hands of potential Investors. We are living in a hi-tech age. You must be in front of your customer all the time. Otherwise, they will choose others. We promote your company name and services to potential decision makers.

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Best opportunities for International companies. Our magazine provides the gateway for your brand to enter the USA market. 

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